Meal Prep for December 13

It's cold out there. Brrrrr. And when it gets colder, we crave comfort foods. This week's meal prep includes healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods that are filling, tasty and lower in added calories and refined, processed ingredients. Like our stone-milled grits! Did somebody say shrimp and grits?! Try plant-based shrimp and stone-milled, locally owned corn grits, milled to keep the healthier grain intact. And besides, it's non-GMO. And this week, we introduce our family favorite vegan pizza! Our version of vegan pizza includes homemade vegan cheese mixed with melting, tasty plant-based cheese, with a choice of Impossible Sausage or Vegan Pepperoni. And it need a light fare, we've got a delicious, hearty soup that you can curl up with your favorite book and enjoy! So order by Friday and we'll have it ready for you to pick up Sunday. Have a great week!


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